Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Project

Do you ever get yourself involved in a totally unexpected project, then have it turn out to be more fun than you ever guessed? Well, lately I've been helping my aunt write a manuscript about her experiences working as a psychic, and it's a blast!

This is totally different from the stuff I usually write. It's kind of a memoir/self-help manuscript, which I've never done before. I'm more used to fiction, or even straight nonfiction like the books I wrote about Yugoslavia and Libya.

For this book, my aunt is sharing lots of stories about the years she's spent consulting with clients and how she learned her craft as a psychic advisor. Instead of telling one long story, like with a novel, in this manuscript we're telling a bunch of shorter stories. It's a different process, but it's also really fun. It's also fun to collaborate with a partner on a writing project like this. And the added bonus, of course, is that I get to spend time with my aunt who's hilarious.

It'll take us some time to finish this manuscript, but when we do, I can't wait to share it with the world. Stay tuned for details!


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