Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aliens on the Space Station!

Aliens! I just heard a story on the news that our scientists lost contact with the International Space Station for about 3 hours today. Communications are back online now, but does anyone else see this as the beginning of an Alien-esque horror movie? What if the communications were disrupted while aliens took over the station and replaced all of its personnel with alien clones? Does anyone else see this disruption coming within days of a Russian asteroid as more than a coincidence? Sure, it sounds far-fetched, but a couple weeks ago we would have thought a story about power loss on a cruise ship resulting in poop running down the walls would have sounded far-fetched, too.

I'm not saying we're in imminent danger of being overtaken by evil alien overlords. But I'm not saying we're safe from them either. Keep your eyes on the skies.

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