Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walking Dead still in Senoia

Roads are still closed and parking lots are still full of cars and trailers for the Walking Dead filming in Senoia, GA. According to the signs along Rt. 16, today's supposed to be the last day for road closures.

Rumor has it there was a private party for Walking Dead cast and crew last night at McGuire's  Restaurant in downtown Senoia. Of course, fans waited outside for their favorite cast members to emerge. Their patience was rewarded when Rick, Darryl, and a few others came out. The person who told me about this had been outside the restaurant and listed some other character names, but frankly, I stopped listening when I heard Darryl. All I could think about was whether he had his crossbow and motorcycle. And it gave me hope that he survives this upcoming season.

I also got a cool idea from one of the fans. She said she found a bag of plastic human ears at the dollar store. (Why would those exist? Maybe for Halloween?) She poked a hole in one and strung it on a chain and was wearing it around her neck a la Darryl in Season 2. Totally cool.

Happy zombie hunting, everyone! I'm going to go wait by the front door for UPS to arrive with the Season 3 DVDs that Amazon allegedly shipped yesterday.

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