Saturday, August 3, 2013

Living among the Dead

What's really scary is a new theme for my blog. I've been focusing on anxiety-producing problems for the past few months, but it's been called to my attention by my cousin Annmarie Ortega (who doesn't pull any punches) that the most interesting thing I've currently got going on is that I just moved to the area in Georgia where they film The Walking Dead. She suggested that my blog should share tidbits and rumors and photos about this very popular topic. She's right, of course. Annmarie is a master (or mistress, if you will) of promotional ideas. So here goes: My inaugural edition of the new blog format Living among the Dead!

Just in time to celebrate te new format, my aunt (Annmarie's mom) sent me a housewarming present for my new house. Not the usual new dishtowels or houseplant. Not in my family. No, today's mail brought a box with a zombie gnome inside.
Keep in mind that this same aunt, along with her daughter Annmarie, gave me normal gnomes for my birthday last year. They're scattered around my yard, looking all cute and gnomish. Well, now they've got a problem because I unleashed Zombie Gnome to disrupt their idyllic little garden life. While Grandpa Gnome sits under a tree to read books to Child Gnomes or Brother Gnome snuggles up against the garden bench, they're being stalked by a red-mouthed gnomish menace. Zombie Gnome is lurking in a large pot of fragrant rosemary to conceal the smell of rotting flesh. He's terrifying. And he's just the perfect addition to a home located in the Walking Dead's backyard.

Stay safe, zombie fans! The gnomes are out there – and they're hungry.

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