Sunday, September 22, 2013

Do Not Mow

It looks like Walking Dead might be revving up for some more filming in Senoia, Georgia this upcoming week. The now-familiar sign is back on Route 16 that says the street in front of the Senoia Library will be closed all day from September 23 until the 29th. It was shut down like that a couple weeks ago for WD filming, but I didn't want to jump to any conclusions.

So yesterday, I drove down the street to see if there was any other sign that there might be zombies invading Senoia this week. Sure enough, the lawns lining the street had "Do Not Mow" signs stuck in them. Normally that wouldn't mean much to me, but according to people who live in neighborhoods where they've filmed before, the WD producers sometimes pay homeowners in filming locations to not mow their lawns. This makes it look like the homes aren't being taken care of after their owners turn into mindless feeding machines.

Who would have guessed that during a zombie apocalypse, yard maintenance is the first thing to suffer.

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