Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zombie disease?

So I'm minding  my own business today, watching the news and eating lunch, when the newscaster tells me about a patient who died in New Hampshire from some horrible brain disease that's related to Mad Cow. Apparently this disease might have infected up to 13 other people around the country because the deseased person had brain surgery before he died. The equipment they used for the surgery was rented (They rent surgical equipment?!?), and it's been used on other patients since then. Unfortunately, this strain of mad cow-related disease is so monsterous that it isn't killed by traditional sterilization techniques. So it's a deadly disease that's so dangerous it can't be killed. I immediately thought of zombies.

My advice for dealing with this potentially zombie-related situation:
1) Don't bother with sterilization. Just shoot the disease-causing organisms in the head.
2) Tell Daryl to get his crossbow.
3) Carl, stay in the house!

Stay safe out there.

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