Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cat shaming

Yes, it's been a long time since I've posted here. That's partly because I've been getting into Twitter instead. Short, random neural firings are just my speed. I'm @KOsbornSullivan. Come visit! I've also been busy finishing my YA fantasy manuscript FERAL! It's done! It's 98,000 words! It's awesome! Like Bigfoot? (And who doesn't?) Then this is the book for you! I'm starting the agent search...

Also, I don't want to leave anyone hanging with the ongoing saga of my pool installation. It's done and it looks great, but we're having some trouble with the builder. Essentially, we say they suck, and they disagree. Until we get this all worked out, I'm postponing photos of the final reveal. 

Finally. when not arguing with pool companies, Tweeting, or writing, I've taken up the elite sport of cat shaming. It's brilliant! It's probably easier to show you what it is rather than trying to explain.
That's Jem in the photo. He's been shamed multiple times for a variety of reasons, but sadly, he doesn't seem ashamed at all. Maybe I need a bigger white board to write up his transgressions?

Happy winter! Stay warm out there.

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