Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Time was we had to worry about drones they were worker bees that might sting. But now it's even worse. Today, drone is also a word for unmanned aircraft that the US government says can be used to kill American citizens without a trial or conviction. Call me crazy, but I prefer bees.

As long as the government believes a person is a threat, he/she is a fair target. Never mind the Constitutional guarantee of a trial for anyone accused of a crime. The message is that our pesky Constitution is always getting in the way of good government, so it's easier to just ignore it. Again, I prefer bees. At least when they violate your Constitutional rights, it's only because they can't read.

In addition to the threat of death from above by these drone aircraft, there's another reason to fear drones. A airline pilot claims he spotted a drone near New York's JFK airport. It was 1500 feet in the air, which means it was high enough and close enough to the airport to possibly interfere with airplanes. If a drone were to be sucked into an engine, it could result in the engine malfunctioning and a possible crash. That has happened in the past when birds have gotten caught in airplane engines. It's potentially fatal for people in the plane, and it's not too healthy for the birds, either.

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