Friday, June 24, 2011

Case of the disappearing clothing

Today's blog has nothing to do with self publishing or anything I've written. It's just one of those cranky "You kids, get off my lawn!" rants that I have to get off my chest sometimes.

Why is it that women often wear significantly less clothing than men? It especially doesn't make sense since women are more likely to complain about being cold. Shouldn't they be wearing more clothes than the guys? For example, I was watching a DVR'd episode of The Voice the other day. The 4 judges were performing a song at the beginning of the show. The 3 men (Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine) were all fully clothed. They wore shirts on top and pants that went all the way to the floor. Cee Lo wore a track suit and looked extremely comfy. The one woman (Christina Aguilara) wore a bathing suit. Or something that concealed about as much. With all of her hit songs, can't she afford a warm, comfy track suit, too?

A particularly heinous example: So You Think You Can Dance. The men (usually) get pants. The women are lucky to get underwear. And what about business suits? Men's suits have pants that cover their legs to help keep them warm in the cold weather and conceal hairly legs all year long. At least half of women's suits have uncomfortable, impractical little skirts, and when women like Hillary Clinton wear pants instead, people make fun of her. Men get to wear baggy swim trunks that go to their knees, while women squeeze themselves into thin strips of Spandex.

The list goes on. Why is this? Don't women want to be comfortable or warm or do a high kick without giving the world a free show? I resent the suggestion that this is simply about me wanting an excuse to wear a track suit everywhere I go. Even though there's probably a lot of truth to that. And as long as I'm at it, "You kids, get off my lawn!" and don't get me started on the government.

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