Sunday, June 19, 2011

Editing - Again!

Stones of Abraxas was first published in 2006, and before I even queried my publisher about it, I'd edited it a zillion times. Then there were the two rounds of edits with the professional editor. Then there was me hunched over the finished, published book scanning for typos. So when I decided to self-publish it now that it's out of print, I figured that just one quick, final go-through would be fine. But no. The obsessive writer/editor/red pen owner in me can't let it go.

After a week, I'm only half-way through with this round of edits. I've started to think of this upcoming version of Abraxas as the literary equivalent of a "Director's Cut." Nothing serious is being changed, but I can always think of better ways to phrase things. That's probably good. It probably means I'm a better writer now than I was six years ago when I completed this manuscript the first time.

I'm going back to my editing now. And when I eventually finish, I'll be doing the same thing with Heroes of Abraxas. Remember when I thought that this self-publishing thing would be easy and quick. I was so young and naive - about two weeks ago.

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